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EBZ Keys

Adding keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to Echo Bazaar.


  • Number keys invoke storylet ("GO" button) 1-10.
  • "a" is for try Again
  • "s" is for onwardS!
  • "q" is for "Perhaps not"
  • "d" to Draw opportunity cards (Should this work for "c" too?)


(For the development version)

  • Chrome -> Tools -> Extensions
  • Check "Developer Mode"
  • Click "Load unpacked extension..."
  • If you make changes, click "reload" under the EBZ Keys extension and reload your Echo Bazaar tab to test them.

To Do for v0.2

The Future

  • Add a key (Maybe "/", to match "?") to visibly number the "GO" buttons
  • Use & discard opportunity cards (with which keys?)
  • Travel-related shortcuts?
  • Support for The Night Circus.
  • Maybe make a Firefox version? Notes to self: Extension Builder, Getting Started. Does Firefox have something like Chrome's content scripts?