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Tweaks to the color scheme: less worse, but not my favorite.

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 /* Colors */
-@holyname-yellow: #FFF0C0;
+@holyname-tan: #FFF0C0;
+// Analogous Color Scheme (pastels? -- all muted.)
+@color-a1: #DEFFC0; //Pale Green
+@color-a2: #FEFFC0; //Yellow
+@color-a3: #FFF0C0; //Tannish
+@color-a4: #FFD1C0; //Rose
+// Monochromatic Color Scheme
+@color-m1: #FFC60E; //Orange-yellow
+@color-m2: #807860; //Dark gray-brown
+@color-m3: #806307; //Dark Brownish
+@color-m4: #CCC09A; //Mid-tan
+// Complementary Color Scheme
+@color-c1: #FFF6DA; //Tan
+@color-c2: #B3A886; //Dark Tan
+@color-c3: #9E86B3; //Dark Purple
+@color-c4: #E1C0FF; //Light Purple
+//Other color schemes -- deprecated
 @mid-tan: #CCC985;
 @dark-tan: #999536;
 @light-blue: #80B4FF;
 @orange: #FFD06A;
 @salmon: #FFAB6A;
-@base-color: @holyname-yellow;
+@base-color: @holyname-tan;
 body {
 @page-border-width: 4px;
-@page-border-color: @dark-tan;
+@page-border-color: @color-c3;
 #page {
   margin: 0px auto;
   width: 960px;
-  background-color: white;
+  background-color: @color-c1;
   border-style: solid;
   border-color: @page-border-color;
   border-width: 0px @page-border-width;
 @nav-border-color: @page-border-color;
-@nav-background-color:  rgba(150, 150, 250, 0.8);
-@nav-background-hover-color:  rgba(150, 150, 250, 1);
+@nav-background-color: @color-c3;
+@nav-background-hover-color: @color-c4;
 nav#main-menu {
   position: fixed;
   // border-top: @page-border-width solid @nav-border-color;
   border-bottom: @page-border-width solid @nav-border-color;
   height: 2em;
-  &:hover {
-    background-color: @nav-background-hover-color;
-  }
+  //&:hover {
+  //  background-color: @nav-background-hover-color;
+  //}
   a {
     display: inline-block;
     line-height: 2em;
     &.active {
       background-color: @page-border-color;
+      font-weight: bold;
+    }
+    &.visited {
+      color: white;
     &:hover {
-      background-color: #000;
-      color: #fff;
+      background-color: @color-c4;
+      // color: #fff;
       text-decoration: none;
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