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<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Catholic, Holy Spirit, Webster, Parish, Church, home page, catholic, church, worship,God, parish, Webster, webster, penfield,Penfield, pastor, Mass Masses, adoration,rochester,Rochester, religion ">
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<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Catholic, Holy Spirit, Webster, Parish, Church, home page, catholic, church, worship,God, parish, Webster, webster, penfield,Penfield, pastor, Mass Masses, adoration,rochester,Rochester, religion ">

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      <ul id="navmenu">
        <li><a href="../../index.html">Home</a></li>
        <li><a href="EVANGELIZATION.htm#">Parish Information</a> 
            <li><a href="">Address</a></li>
            <li><a href="">General 
            <li><a href="">Parish 
            <li><a href="">Mass-Adoration 
            <li><a href="">Parish 
              Treasures </a></li>
        <li><a href="EVANGELIZATION.htm#">Links</a> 
          <ul >
            <li><a href="">Catholic 
            <li><a href="">Photo 
            <li><a href="">Local 
              Area Links</a></li>
            <li><a href="">WPCC 
            <li><a href="">Youth 
            <li><a href="">Natural 
              Family Planning</a></li>
            <li><a href="">General 
              Catholic Links</a></li>
        <li><a href="EVANGELIZATION.htm#">Ministries</a> 
            <li><a href="../Ministries.htm">Overview 
            <li><a href="pastoral.htm">Pastoral 
              / Sacramental</a></li>
            <li><a href="leadership.htm">Parish 
			<li><a href="../health.htm">WPCC Health Ministry 
            <li><a href="../nfp.htm">Natural 
              Family Plan</a></li>
            <li><a href="LITURGY.htm"> 
            <li><a href=""> 
            <li><a href="FACILITIES.htm"> 
            <li><a href="SOCIAL.htm"> 
              Social Ministry</a></li>
            <li><a href="EVANGELIZATION.htm"> 
            <li><a href="SOCIAL.EVENTS.htm">Social 
            <li><a href="STEWARDSHIP.htm">Stewardship</a></li>
            <li><a href="COMMUNICATIONS.htm">Communications</a></li>
        <li><a href="EVANGELIZATION.htm#">Parish News</a> 
            <li><a href="../bulletin.htm">Parish 
            <li><a href="../news/events.htm">Parish 
              Activities </a></li>
            <li><a href="../news/community-outreach.htm"> 
              Outreach Ministries</a></li>
            <li><a href="../news/community-news.html">Community 
              News </a></li>
            <li><a href="../news/faith.htm">Faith 
              Formation </a></li>
         <li><a href="#">Parish Council</a> 
            <li><a href="">Submit 
            <li><a href="">Meeting 
		<li><a href="EVANGELIZATION.htm#">Liturgy Q and A</a> 
            <li><a href="../qanda-1.htm">Q and 
              A pg1</a> </li>
			<li><a href="EVANGELIZATION.htm#">Stewardship</a> 
            <li><a href="../parish-stewardship.htm">Parish</a> 
            <li><a href="../focus-areas.htm">Focus 
              Areas</a> </li>

        <li><a href="EVANGELIZATION.htm#">Vocations</a> 
          <ul class="link-style-2" style="left: -3px; top: 19px">
            <li><a href="../vocations.htm">Diocesan 

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      <p class="stdTextBlack"><span class="smallTitle"><br>
    <td valign="top" width="403" height="652" > 
      <p><span class="title-small">Programs and Ministries</span></p>
      <p><a href="pastoral.htm"><span class="txt-black-sm">PASTORAL AND SACRAMENTAL</span></a> 
      <p><a href="leadership.htm"><span class="txt-black-sm">PARISH LEADERSHIP</span></a><span class="txt-black-sm"><br>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="LITURGY.htm">LITURGY AND SPIRITUAL LIFE</a><br>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="FINANCE&#32;.htm">FINANCE </a><br>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="FACILITIES.htm">FACILITIES</a><br>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="SOCIAL.htm">SOCIAL MINISTRY</a><br>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="EVANGELIZATION.htm">EVANGELIZATION AND 
        FAITH FORMATION</a><br>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="STEWARDSHIP.htm">STEWARDSHIP</a> </p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="SOCIAL.EVENTS.htm">SOCIAL EVENTS AND PARISH 
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="COMMUNICATIONS.htm">COMMUNICATIONS</a><br>
      <p><span class="txt-black-sm"><a href="COMMUNICATIONS.htm">OTHER CATHOLIC 
        AND ORGANIZATIONS</a></span><br>
    <td valign="top" width="424" height="652" > 
      <p class="bkg-brown">EVANGELIZATION </p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Evangelization Committee</span> 
        - This committee will reach out to inactive members of the parish and 
        will help to make the parish visible in the community. Call if interested 
        in being part of this new group. Planning and training are now in development. 
        <span class="mm-12-white">Tony Ferrera 671-5680 </span></p>
      <p><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Holy Spirit Book Store</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        - offers gifts and books of a wide range of topics on the doctrine of 
        the Roman Catholic Church to the community of the east side of Rochester. 
        The store started on April/2005. The gifts and books are acquired by consignment 
        from St. John's Religious Shoppe in Spencerport. A table is setup in the 
        gathering area once a month and is manned and supported totally by volunteers. 
        </span><span class="mm-12-white">Bernie and Vilmarie Heroux 787-3189 </span></p>
      <p class="bkg-brown">FAITH FORMATION</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Faith Formation 
        Committee</span> - A member of the parish council will serve as liaison 
        between the parish council and the Faith Formation Coordinator of the 
        various parish educational programs made available to the children, youth, 
        and adults of the parish. <span class="mm-12-white">Tony Ferrera 671-5680</span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">School of Religion</span> 
        - Classes, 1-8th grade, are taught for 25weeks, September through April. 
        They are held Mondays and Tuesdays from 4:15-5:15pm, and Monday evenings, 
        7-8pm. Our High School Youth Group meets on Monday evenings and is coordinated 
        and facilitated in conjunction with the School of Religion. <span class="mm-12-white">Tony 
        Ferrera 671-5680</span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Home/Family Group</span> 
        -involves the whole family in religious instruction. Weekly lessons are 
        completed at home. There are seven monthly meetings in the parish hall, 
        where a family lesson is presented, followed by an activity. <span class="mm-12-white">Tony 
        Ferrera 671-5680</span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Bible Study and 
        Adult Continuing Education</span> - offered several times each year. See 
        the parish bulletin for details<br>
      <p class="bkg-brown">Other Christian Education Groups:</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Faith Study for 
        Women</span> - an opportunity to participate in a weekly morning study 
        of the Catholic Faith, the Gospels, the Mass, and other topics relevant 
        to women today. Come Thursdays, after Mass, from 9:30-11:00am in the parish 
        hall. Invite friends, family, and any interested women. <span class="mm-12-white">Sue 
        Monczynski 586-0933</span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Campion Book Series</span> 
        - is named after Fr. Edmund Campion, a man of letters, defender of the 
        Faith, and English martyr of the 16th century. Our goal is to meet in 
        the spring and fall to read and discuss good books that inspire and encourage 
        knowledge and growth in our Catholic faith. The selected book is sold 
        after all Masses when the discussion dates are announced, giving 4-6 weeks 
        to read the book. Discussions take place in the Parish Center in the evening. 
        Examples of titles already read are Rome Sweet Home, The Shadow of His 
        Wings, Screw Tape Letters, Splendor of Sorrow, and With God in Russia.<br>
        <span class="mm-12-white">Lou or Jeanne Horvath 482-7252</span><br>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Militia Immaculata 
        and Blue Knights Boys' Clubs</span> - Invites fathers and sons of all 
        ages to get together to learn how to practice virtues while playing games 
        and other fun activities such as their weekend campout. Boys, ages 5-10, 
        are invited to join the Blue Knights Boys Club.<br>
        <span class="mm-12-white">Bernie Heroux 787-3189 </span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="bkg-brown">Catholic Girls' Clubs </span><br>
        For girls ages 5-16, which provide an environment for faith formation, 
        fellowship, and fun! The group also helps the girls learn, live, and share 
        their Catholic faith. The younger and older girls meet at different times 
        but do participate together on various activities such as Christmas caroling 
        to the homebound, field trips, Walk for Life to benefit the local chapter 
        of Birthright and fundraisers, to name just a few.</p>
          <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Rose Mystics</span> - <span class="txt-black-sm">Younger 
          girls, ages 5-9, focus on character formation and the virtues through 
          fun lessons, games and crafts using a publication written just for kids 
          (, as well as working together on service projects 
          within the community. They meet two Friday evenings a month in the Father 
          Bush parish hall. <br>
          </span><span class="mm-12-white">Celeste Veloski 381-9656</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        <p><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Challenge</span> <span class="txt-black-sm">- 
          Older girls, ages 10-16, meet Friday evenings, 6:30-9:00pm, as an inter-parish 
          group at St. Louis in Pittsford, to discover and develop their spiritual, 
          social, intellectual and apostolic talents. This is done through talks, 
          workshops, retreats, games, sports, field trips and other fun and exciting 
          activities. The club enables the girls to focus on the value of forming 
          an apostolic heart. Girls contribute service through our parish Vacation 
          Bible School and other parish projects</span>.<br>
          <span class="mm-12-white">Sue Monczynski 586-0933</span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">&nbsp;</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Natural Family Planning</span> 
        - Engaged and married couples are assisted in learning the most modern 
        and scientific methods of NFP. This instruction encompasses the theological 
        understanding of the sacrament of marriage as well. Husbands and wives 
        are instructed to obey the Church's teaching on marital chastity that 
        leads to joyful, loving self-donation in imitation of Jesus Christ, head 
        of the Catholic Church. <br>
        <span class="mm-12-white">John and Peggy Fraysier 377-9358 </span><br>
        <span class="mm-12-white">Bernie and Vilmarie Heroux 787-3189 </span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="../nfp.htm">See NFP local information</a></p>
      <p>&nbsp; </p>
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	    <div class="footer"> <b class="txt-black-sm-bold">Copyright 2005-2010 
          Church of the Holy Spirit, ( Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester )<br>
          1355 Hatch Road, Webster, NY 14580 - Phone: (585) 671-5520 </b></div>
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