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<title>Pastor's Message</title>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Catholic, Holy Spirit, Webster, Parish, Church, home page, catholic, church, worship,God, parish, Webster, webster, penfield,Penfield, pastor, Mass Masses, adoration,rochester,Rochester, religion ">
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<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Catholic, Holy Spirit, Webster, Parish, Church, home page, catholic, church, worship,God, parish, Webster, webster, penfield,Penfield, pastor, Mass Masses, adoration,rochester,Rochester, religion ">

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      <p><font color="#c1230d"><br>
        </font><span class="mm-14-yellow"> Alive in the Spirit ... 3/7/2010</span><span class="redHeading2"><br>
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              <p class="txt-black-large">I hope that some of you were able to 
                participate in, and found helpful, the 4-Parish Retreat sessions 
                this past week. Fortunately the weather let up to allow for greater 
                participation. The wintery conditions have made the beginning 
                of Lent 2010 challenging. Even last Sunday our low number indicated 
                many were still imprisoned behind snow banks. I hope it will be 
                easier to participate in daily Mass and the other Lenten events 
                during March.<br>
                I especially hope the weather will cooperate for our ONE-TIME 
                ONLY soup supper this Lent. We are so grateful to Thumy Crosby 
                for her soup making in past years. She was not able to do it this 
                year with the new baby. That has brought new talent forward and 
                so we will be able to have one Friday Soup Supper before Stations 
                of the Cross on March 12. These kinds of events bring people together, 
                highlight our Lenten observance as a community and encourage attendance 
                at the Stations and Holy Hour. I encourage you to support this 
                addition to our Lenten activities. Another opportunity to gather 
                will be at our St. Joseph&#145;s Table after noon Mass on March 
                As we observe the month of St. Joseph I am happy to announce that 
                the date has been set for the canonization of Holy Cross Brother 
                Andre whose devotion to St. Joseph has given us that beautiful 
                Oratory in Canada. It will be October 17 and his relatives in 
                our parish plan to attend. Perhaps when they return &#150; if 
                they have pictures or video &#150; we would have a celebration 
                here in honor of Brother Andre Bessette.</p>
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<p>&nbsp;</p><div align="left">
              <p class="txt-black-large">&nbsp;</p>
              <p class="txt-black-large">Father Mitchatek at Holy Trinity recently 
                gave a bulletin update on his leg so I guess I should do the same. 
                Since physical therapy has not caused much improvement, I had 
                this past week a cortisone shot which we hope will reduce inflammation 
                and swelling and thereby make the knee more responsive to therapy. 
                The problem seems to be mainly arthritis and bone spurs causing 
                inflammation. I hope I will be more flexible in time for the Mandatum 
                on Holy Thursday. Meanwhile, I hope that Deacon Brian and<br>
                I will be able to resume our Communion visits.<br>
                The third week of lent begins with some interesting saints. St. 
                John of God is remembered for his devotion to and care of the 
                sick while St. Frances of Rome gathered a community of religious 
                to care for the poorest of the poor. She is patroness of both 
                widows and motorists! On the 9th in the Byzantine calendar or 
                the 10th in ours we celebrate the forty holy martyrs of Sebaste 
                (Armenia) left on the ice to die. Check out their icon in church 
                or look up their story. And &#150; do not forget the youthful 
                St. Dominic Savio on the 9th as well.<br>
                Next Sunday &#150; REJOICE &#150; it is Laetare Sunday, the midpoint 
                of Lent and first day of daylight savings time. Change your clock 
                Saturday night. Can spring be far away?<br>
                <span class="title-small">Father Fred</span><br>
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	    <div class="footer"> <b class="txt-black-sm-bold">Copyright 2005-2010 
          Church of the Holy Spirit, ( Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester )<br>
          1355 Hatch Road, Webster, NY 14580 - Phone: (585) 671-5520 </b></div>
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