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<title>Holy Spirit Parish Treasures  pg2</title>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
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<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Catholic, Holy Spirit, Webster, Parish, Church, home page, catholic, church, worship,God, parish, Webster, webster, penfield,Penfield, pastor, Mass Masses, adoration,rochester,Rochester, religion ">

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      <p class="bkg-brown">Holy Spirit Parish Treasures (pg 2)</p>
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">February 24, 2008</span><span class="txt-black-sm"><br>
        Let us return to the Main Entrance as we explore the treasures of our 
        church. One first encounters the Baptismal area which, as I explained 
        previously, reminds us that we are here because of our own baptism which 
        made us members of God&#145;s family, the Church. Behind the Baptismal 
        Font are </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">icons of the twelve great 
        feasts of the church</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> year recalling 
        the great events of Salvation History from Mary&#145;s birth through the 
        life of Christ up to Mary&#145;s dormition. Atop the </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Ambry</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        is a special shrine which reflects the season we are in. Bright banners 
        celebrate the new life of Baptism and the </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Easter 
        Candle</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> announces our salvation through 
        our participation in the Death and Resurrection of Christ. The candle 
        is moved to be near the casket at a Funeral and during Easter time is 
        enshrined next to the pulpit. A new candle is lit at the Easter Vigil 
        to announce the Resurrection.<br>
        You are asking now &#150; what is the .</span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Ambry</span><span class="txt-black-sm">.? 
        That is the box on the wall behind the font where the Holy Oils, blessed 
        by the Bishop during Holy week, are kept. Do you know what the three oils 
        are called? Tune in next week! I close by mentioning the artistic image 
        of the Holy Trinity on the back of the Font which reminds us that we are 
        baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. </span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="bkg-tan">March 2, 2008</span><br>
        Did you know the names of the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">three Holy 
        Oils?</span> They are: Oil of Catechumens used in Baptism, Oil of the 
        Sick used in the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, and Sacred Chrism, 
        the fragrant oil used in consecrating persons and things such as altars 
        and churches. It is used to show that we are to carry on the work of the 
        &#147;<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">anointed one</span>&#148; (Christ) 
        as we are baptized, confirmed or receive Holy Orders. Have you ever attended 
        the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Chrism</span> Mass at the cathedral 
        now celebrated on Tuesday of Holy Week? Every one should go at least once. 
        After the Bishop blesses the oils they are distributed to the parishes 
        reminding us that the Bishop is &#147;super pastor&#148; who assigns Priest 
        or Pastoral Ministers to shepherd each parish.<br>
        Since <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">there are no Baptisms during Lent,</span> 
        we may remove the water early again this year to allow in the Font the 
        Life of Christ display donated by Debbie Pellegrino. Watch for it. </p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="bkg-tan">March 9, 2008</span><br>
        It is taking us a long time just to get into the church. Complementing 
        the baptismal font where we become members of the church and are first 
        given the life of grace are the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">confessionals</span> 
        along the west wall of the church. Here we can be restored to the church 
        if serious sin cuts us off, regain or strengthen our life of grace as 
        needed and receive guidance on how to advance in our spiritual life. It 
        is here that our Loving Father (God) waits for his .<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">prodigal</span> 
        sons and daughters.. Between the confessionals we find the huge copy of 
        <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Juan Diego&#146;s tilma</span> containing 
        Our Lady&#146;s picture. Our Lady of Guadalupe is Patroness of all the 
        Americas and of<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> Right to Life </span>efforts. 
        The beautiful woodwork was custom made by our own adult and youth parishioners. 
        She is truly our mother who leads us to her son, Jesus. To your left as 
        you enter, is an alcove we call the .shrine area. which originally contained 
        only the holy family and was the only place religious devotional art was 
        found in the church or chapel. Today, numerous images of saints are there 
        as well as displays of the days&#146; saints surrounding the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Word 
        of God</span> enshrined in the center with a candle burning. Do you know 
        what saints are represented there? </p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">&nbsp;</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">&nbsp;</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">&nbsp;</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">&nbsp;</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">&nbsp;</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="treasures1.htm"><img src="../images/siteStructure/buttons/back.png" width="40" height="26" border="0"></a></p>
    <td valign="top" width="425" height="652" > 
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="bkg-tan">March 16, 2008</span><br>
        It seems appropriate as we start Holy Week to focus on the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Stations 
        of the Cross</span> in the church. While officially it is only necessary 
        to have a wooden cross to mark the 14 or 15 .stations., usually the event 
        of each stop on the<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> Way of the Cross</span> 
        is depicted in some manner. In some old churches, they are huge. Ours 
        are a modest size, simple depiction the events leading to Jesus&#146; 
        death and burial. Some have a .resurrection. station. We do not &#150; 
        unless you use the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Easter Candle</span> 
        for this purpose. Can you name the 14 events &#150; have you and your 
        children made the Way of the Cross at least once during lent? Complementing 
        the Stations are two donations from parishioners &#150; a .<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Pieta</span>. 
        Mary holding her dead son (blanket made by parishioner) and a large painting 
        of the Descent from the Cross which may have been in <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">St. 
        Bernard&#146;s Seminary</span>. This is moved to the alter area during 
        Holy week and so is there today. </p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="bkg-tan">March 30, 2008 </span><br>
        Visitors often comment .why is the church<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> 
        off centered</span>?. New parishioners may wonder the same thing. The 
        church was built during a brief era when it was thought that the church 
        building of the future would be a multi-purpose building. The worship 
        center would contain a small permanent daily chapel with tabernacle, pews, 
        etc. The bulk of the building would be used for ALL KINDS of activities 
        including Sunday Mass. This proved to be unworkable and undesirable and 
        all such churches in our Diocese have become permanent churches. However, 
        we still retain the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">daily chapel for Mass 
        and Adoration</span> as separate from the main church, although there 
        is no wall. Some churches now have .gathering areas. that can expand the 
        size of the church when needed.<br>
        Originally the church was <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">bare</span> 
        of any ornamentation or devotional art. Only the essentials for Mass were 
        present. When the Parish Center was built, <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Father 
        Bush</span> covered the walls and added the wood strips on the sanctuary 
        wall. More on church structure to follow.</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="bkg-tan">April 13, 2008</span><br>
        The last article two weeks ago explained the origins of the church building. 
        This article continues in that vein. <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Traditionally</span> 
        one faced east to pray toward the rising sun, while we actually face south 
        in our building, the edifice itself faces east, rising higher and higher 
        to the east wall and the decorative wood work on the south wall flows 
        in a rising pattern toward the east. We face <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">east</span> 
        as we enter the church as well. The high windows which let the rising 
        and setting suns into the building allow the sun to sometimes provide 
        unusual and <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">inspiring</span> patterns 
        within the church.<br>
        On the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">four</span> walls are found small 
        wooden crosses . one on each wall . which signify that the church as been 
        consecrated . now set apart only for spiritual events, on weekends candles 
        of the seasons liturgical color are placed on these crosses. Currently 
        the carpeting shows the damage from our former roof problems. We await 
        a new look. in June after the new carpeting is installed. Beauty, art 
        and ambiance all enhance our worship experience.</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="bkg-tan">April 20, 2008</span><br>
        What we now refer to as the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">chapel</span>. 
        was originally the permanent worship area but still did not have much 
        decoration. The tabernacle and pews made it different from the larger, 
        higher area. Retaining the chapel altar even after the multi-purpose area 
        became permanent church allows <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">daily mass</span> 
        to be offered in a more intimate, less formal setting. It also provides 
        a suitable place for <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">adoration</span>. 
        One of the first things I did after becoming pastor in 2001 was to give 
        the parish the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">angels</span> which hold 
        two of the four adoration candles. I think that they help set the area 
        aside for adoration.<br>
        The risen <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Christ</span> on the back wall 
        rising above the monstrance reminds us that Jesus, now risen and glorified, 
        is present in our midst<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> Body and Blood, 
        Soul and Divinity</span>. During Lent the Risen Jesus (like the Alleluia) 
        is removed so that we better experience and long for his return at Easter. 
        By the pillar is the daily shrine. where the saint of the day or feast 
        or season is featured. A statue of<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> St. 
        Jude</span> donated by Phyllis Germano and a statue of<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> 
        St. Ann</span> restored by Ann Sakmyster also are in the chapel. The sanctuary 
        lamp is fairly new in a more traditional style than the plain, black original 
        one was. We thank Jane Galvin for that. Have you noticed the small magnet. 
        saints on the <span class="redHeading2">pillars</span>? Since the altar 
        was built too close to the step, some parishioners are building an extension 
        to be installed with the new carpeting. This would allow the priest to 
        stand in front of the Altar for occasions such as Mass in the extraordinary 
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="treasures3.htm"><img src="../images/siteStructure/buttons/fwd.png" width="40" height="26" border="0"></a></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">&nbsp;</p>
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	    <div class="footer"> <b class="txt-black-sm-bold">Copyright 2005-2010 
          Church of the Holy Spirit, ( Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester )<br>
          1355 Hatch Road, Webster, NY 14580 - Phone: (585) 671-5520 </b></div>
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