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<title>Holy Spirit Parish Treasures  pg1</title>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Catholic, Holy Spirit, Webster, Parish, Church, home page, catholic, church, worship,God, parish, Webster, webster, penfield,Penfield, pastor, Mass Masses, adoration,rochester,Rochester, religion ">
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<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Catholic, Holy Spirit, Webster, Parish, Church, home page, catholic, church, worship,God, parish, Webster, webster, penfield,Penfield, pastor, Mass Masses, adoration,rochester,Rochester, religion ">

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      <p class="bkg-brown">Holy Spirit Parish Treasures (pg 1)</p>
      <p><span class="txt-black-sm">Holy Spirit has cultivated a rich and diverse 
        collection of Statuary , Icons, Relics and Tapestries. In this section 
        of the web site are a collection of references to those who would like 
        to know more about the church treasures and what they signify. The articles 
        by Father Fred began appearing in the Church Bulletin in January 2008. 
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">January 13, 2008</span><br>
        <span class="txt-black-sm">Beginning today, I am going to try to write 
        for as long as it takes a brief article under the above heading to call 
        attention to the fixtures and art works we have in our church. Because 
        many of you are new parishioners who do not know our history and because 
        some of you may be just unaware of the meaning of things we use and see 
        regularly in church, I hope these articles will help your worship and 
        devotion as you make better use what is provided. Let me know after a 
        few articles if this is helpful or suggest topics. As a starter, I ask 
        if you realize as you enter church the significance of walking past the 
        </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Baptismal Font</span><span class="txt-black-sm">? 
        It should remind you every time of YOUR Baptism and that because of that 
        Baptism you have the right and privilege to be in church as part of the 
        Body of Christ &#150; his new presence in our world through you. As you 
        leave past the font, you are reminded of your responsibility to BE CHURCH 
        (Christ) in the world outside. Blessing yourself with holy water reinforces 
        this message.</span></p>
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">January 20, 2008</span><span class="blackHeading2"><br>
        </span><span class="txt-black-sm">Best place to start, I suppose, is at 
        the beginning. Before you enter the church &#150; at least during the 
        growing season &#150; the </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">gardens</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        are supposed to create an attitude of prayer, peace and beauty re-enforced 
        by the outdoor shrines of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady, and St. 
        Jude. Also, in summer, </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">St. Elizabeth 
        of Hungary</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> and </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">St. 
        Francis of Assisi</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> rest in the gardens 
        in front of the rectory.<br>
        As you approach the main doors, you pass the image of </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Our 
        Lady of Guadalupe</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> on one side indicating 
        we are a strong .Right to Life advocacy. parish. On the other side is 
        </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">St. Michael the Archangel</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        whom we ask to be with us as we go into the world to overcome the forces 
        of evil.<br>
        These are all obvious, but we just renewed the </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Epiphany 
        Blessing</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> over the main doors. This is 
        not so easily seen but says .</span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">20+C+M+B+08.</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        indicating the current year, the four seasons or directions and the names 
        of the three Magi by giving their initials. C-M-B can also mean may Christ 
        bless this house. You can put the same blessing over your main door. Do 
        you know the names of the Magi? I will tell you next week.</span></p>
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">January 27, 2008</span><br>
        <span class="txt-black-sm">Do I need to tell you the names of</span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> 
        the Magi</span><span class="txt-black-sm">? Just in case you have forgotten, 
        they are: </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Casper</span><span class="txt-black-sm">, 
        </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Melchior</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        and </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Balthasar</span><span class="txt-black-sm">. 
        Before you go through the doors over which the Epiphany Blessing is placed, 
        you are in what we call the </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Gathering 
        Area</span><span class="txt-black-sm">. Here you find important literature 
        like old bulletins you may have missed, newsletters, the pamphlet rack, 
        bulletin board, a showcase for items from St. John&#146;s Store that you 
        can order, children&#146;s table where they will find pages to color relating 
        to the day&#146;s Liturgy, a very interesting </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Rosary</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        in a frame (take a close-up look). </span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">We have chairs and speaker <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">broadcasting 
        the mass</span> for those who need to be away from the body of the church. 
        At the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Fatima table</span> you find pictures 
        to inspire our kids of the youngest persons to be declared .Blessed. - 
        Jacinta and Francisco Marto to whom Our Lady of Fatima appeared. <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Leaves</span> 
        from the tree where she appeared are under their pictures. We await a 
        custom storage cabinet in the back hallway to make that area neater. There 
        is still more in this area I will mention next week</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">.</p>
    <td valign="top" width="423" height="652" > 
      <p><span class="blackHeading2"><br>
        </span><span class="bkg-tan">February 3, 2008</span><span class="stdTextBlack"><br>
        </span><span class="txt-black-sm">The gathering area which I began to 
        describe last week is not that large but has more in it than I realized 
        myself. So I continue. In the southwest corner is a </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">shrine 
        to St. Joseph</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> with a statue I found 
        in an antique shop some years ago. He watches over the little ones who 
        gather there just as he watched over the Christ child.</span></p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"> Pictures of the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">former 
        pastors</span> and the parish council are found here. Perhaps after our 
        new pictures are taken, I will be added. Note the first two pastors were 
        Father Joseph Lynch and Father Joseph Daily. The second two pastors are 
        Father Fred Bush and Father Fred Helfrich. <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Four</span> 
        pastors and two first names. On this same wall is an interesting cross 
        with<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> symbols of lent</span> which comes 
        from the early days of the parish &#150; a hand crafted gift of the first 
        grade religion class of 1968 &#150; forty years ago! Two other pictures 
        are by the pamphlet rack &#150; our current Pope Benedict XVI and Father 
        Feeney who assisted here in his retirement. The <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Holy 
        Water </span>container is available here for those needing Holy Water. 
        Next to it is usually some display relating to the season or an upcoming 
        or current feast to help set the scene. before you enter the church. </p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="bkg-tan">February 10, 2008</span><br>
        While there may still be a couple things I omitted in the Gathering Area, 
        it is time to move into the church. Usually people enter by the North 
        doors so we have retained the custom of placing a <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">host 
        in the ciborium</span> if you are receiving Communion. Thus, even if you 
        don&#145;t actually bring the Gifts to the altar, you are reminded that 
        you are putting yourself in there &#150; your life- so that when it becomes 
        the <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Body and Blood</span> of Jesus you, 
        too, will be changed. As a stewardship parish, this simple action represents 
        the gift of your time, talent and treasure.<br>
        However, before you get to that table, you will first encounter, just 
        inside the door on your right, a wax copy of an ivory ninth century carving 
        depicting .<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Christ in majesty</span>.. 
        This was a gift to me from a parish family (Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop 
        of Chicago also has one!) I put it at the entrance to remind us that it 
        is our job to build the Kingdom of God by making Christ the King and <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Center 
        of our lives</span>. That is why we have come. Over the holy water font 
        is a cross depicting various .holy spirit. experiences indicating you 
        are entering a church dedicated to the Holy Spirit. I previously explained 
        the holy water. </p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><span class="bkg-tan">February 17, 2008</span><br>
        Many of you know that I have an extensive collection of icons, some of 
        which have metal covers (called rizas) and which I bring to church at 
        the proper times. I am happy to be able to provide anything which can 
        aid or further your devotion and prayer. So you need to be always on the 
        lookout for <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">.visiting treasures</span>.. 
        From this collection, however, I have chosen a few items to be permanently 
        in the south entrance to the church on the other side of the sacristy 
        from the entrance.<br>
        This is what I call the .<span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Marian Corridor</span>.. 
        Four icons of Our Lady are here. Because we have a significant number 
        of people of Polish and Lithuanian background, the two images of Mary, 
        most popular in Poland and Lithuania, are here &#150; Our Lady of Czestochowa 
        and Our Lady of Mercy of Vilnius. The third icon is the popular <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Our 
        Lady of Kazan</span> which represents my close connection to the local 
        Russian parish. On the opposite wall is a huge icon print of the Dormition 
        (Falling Asleep) of the Virgin which is brought into the church for the 
        August 15 Feast of the Dormition and <span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Assumption 
        of Our Lady</span>. If you never use this entrance/exit, make a special 
        visit to explore these images.</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm">&nbsp;</p>
      <p class="txt-black-sm"><a href="treasures2.htm"><img src="../images/siteStructure/buttons/fwd.png" width="40" height="26" border="0"></a></p>
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	    <div class="footer"> <b class="txt-black-sm-bold">Copyright 2005-2010 
          Church of the Holy Spirit, ( Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester )<br>
          1355 Hatch Road, Webster, NY 14580 - Phone: (585) 671-5520 </b></div>
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