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<title>Holy Spirit Parish Treasures (pg 3)</title>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
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<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Church of the Holy Spirit web site,a Roman Catholic Church located in Webster NY USA that is a welcoming  parish to frendship and fellowship following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Catholic, Holy Spirit, Webster, Parish, Church, home page, catholic, church, worship,God, parish, Webster, webster, penfield,Penfield, pastor, Mass Masses, adoration,rochester,Rochester, religion ">

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      <p class="bkg-brown">Holy Spirit Parish Treasures (pg 3)</p>
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">April 27, 2008</span><span class="blackHeading2"><br>
        </span><span class="txt-black-sm">This is not technically a Parish Treasure. 
        but I am using this space because it is supposed to help us better appreciate 
        and understand our church and its appointments. This has to do with our 
        </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">custom</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        of placing the</span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> unconsecrated host</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        or altar bread into the ciborium when you enter. Since everyone cannot 
        bring your host to the altar at the time of the gifts procession, you 
        participate by putting the host in the ciborium as you enter. When your. 
        host is taken to the altar . you are taken there . your life, your works 
        and joys so you can be transformed into Christ. Receiving the Host back 
        at Communion, it is now the Body and Blood of Christ whom you take out 
        to the world. We would like to see more of you actually bring the gifts 
        to the altar. </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">VOLUNTEER</span><span class="txt-black-sm">!<br>
        Since May 1 is normally the Feast of</span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> 
        St. Joseph the Workman</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> (this year it 
        is Ascension) I just want to point out that the tapestry closest to the 
        organ is St. Joseph the workman (see his tools) who is also Patron of 
        the Universal Church, thus the big church in front of him. It is there 
        to inspire all working people and fathers of families and to ask his intercession 
        for us . the living church. It is an original design created by<a href=""> 
        Bramante Studios</a> based on drawings from my brother and myself. .</span></p>
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">May 4, 2008</span><span class="txt-black-sm"><br>
        Since we are beginning the Month of <font color="#FF0000" class="txt-black-sm">May</font>, 
        it seems an appropriate time to focus in todays article on our principle 
        image of </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Our Lady</span><span class="txt-black-sm">. 
        Since in the original plan all devotional items were confined to the shrine 
        area, no statues were in the church proper. The image of Mary was the 
        one that was part of the Holy Family on the wall of the shrine area. It 
        is hard to imagine now the church without a visible Mary image.<br>
        Soon after I arrived in July 2001, people began to request and donate 
        toward a statue of Our Lady that would be somewhere in the Sanctuary. 
        But what form should it take? There are so many different ways to depict 
        Our Lady. After holding off for some time, I finally decided to order 
        the image of</span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> Our Lady, Queen of 
        Heaven and Earth</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> as found in the Toscano 
        catalogue. She would be the same color and material as the angels which 
        I had gotten from the same place. The weekend it was to arrive, a dedicated 
        parishioner exercising his stewardship said we could have two statues 
        from the old Precious Blood Church which had been in a home for 40 years.<br>
        Cautiously I said yes. and was overwhelmed to find that one of them was 
        the very image I had ordered, only this one was in color! This confirmed 
        to me that this was the image Our Lady wanted here. I consider this one 
        of our most important treasures. Ann Sakmyster fixed any broken parts 
        as good as new. And I think all are happy since that time with both statues 
        (the other being </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">St. Anthony</span><span class="txt-black-sm">). 
        I hope you find this image as inspirational as I do. Thank you Mary.</span></p>
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">May 11, 2008</span><span class="txt-black-sm"></span><br>
        <span class="txt-black-sm">A visitor once said to me not long ago - &quot;you 
        have a</span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold"> lot of angels</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        in your church&quot;. I could have responded so do you - even if you don't 
        see them! Of course we don't see the real angels who do fill our churches 
        especially at the liturgy. So to remind you of them, I added some angels 
        here and there but as I would see new ones, I added more. Sometimes people 
        brought them (even anonymously) as in the case of the two beautiful angels 
        that have been in front of the altar this Lent-Easter Season. Sometime 
        go around the church and discover all the angels - count them up. How 
        many are there? There are actually even more than you can see.</span></p>
      <p><a href="treasures2.htm"><img src="../images/siteStructure/buttons/back.png" width="40" height="26" border="0"></a></p>
    <td valign="top" width="418" height="652" > 
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">June 8, 2008</span><span class="txt-black-sm"></span><br>
        <span class="txt-black-sm">As I pick up where I left off before I went 
        away, I feel we were very blessed to be able to provide a home for the 
        beautiful and devotional statues which once inspired </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Italian</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        immigrants in the original </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Most 
        Precious Blood Church</span><span class="txt-black-sm">. The parish is 
        now part of the Cathedral Community and the new church is closed. I wish 
        we had more room to welcome venerable images from churches no longer used 
        for Catholic worship.<br>
        Along with the Blessed Mother (which I wrote about last time) we received 
        the remarkable </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">St. Anthony of Padua</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        image. Take a moment to meditate upon the face &#150; you will think he 
        is there in person. During the Novena now in progress until his feast 
        on June 13, St. Anthony is in the sanctuary with special honors. Normally 
        he takes his place in the congregation in the baptismal area. Candles 
        can be lit as a way of continuing our prayer when we are not in church. 
        The restoration of votive candles has been popular here at Holy Spirit 
        as a way of showing our devotion to the Blessed Mother and St. Anthony.</span></p>
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">June 15, 2008</span><br>
        <span class="txt-black-sm">In some parts of our world, the climate rarely 
        changes or does so very mildly. Looking around, it is hard to tell what 
        season it is and perhaps only two seasons are recognized . wet and dry. 
        We are blessed (sometimes it may seem we are cursed) to have in our area 
        dramatic </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">season changes</span><span class="txt-black-sm">. 
        Hot, vibrant in growth summers give way to cold, dead plant life winters 
        with spring and its constant production of new flowers and fall with its 
        harvest and colored leaves spaced between the other seasons. By observing 
        nature we can get some idea of where we are in the flow of seasons.<br>
        All of this is a prelude to saying that in the church we also can tell 
        what season we are in, what attitude we should have by observing the </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">colors</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        of the hangings and vestments. The beautiful super-frontals which hang 
        on the front of the altar have a variety of colors to indicate the season 
        we are in or feast we are celebrating. The </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">pulpit</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        hanging and often a banner on the west sanctuary wall also give a seasonal 
        ambiance. Presently, we are in </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">green</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        . the color of </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">hope</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        and vibrant life. At Christmas and Easter the joyful colors of white and 
        gold indicate festival seasons. Pentecost and martyrs make it red and 
        penitential times are purple. Usually the frontals are the seasonal color 
        but observance of a solemnity will call for the appropriate color. Thus 
        on June 29, when we celebrate </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Saints 
        Peter and Paul </span><span class="txt-black-sm">the green will change 
        to red. At daily mass altar, the color of a central small \hanging. in 
        the center will be that of the feast as will be the adoration candles 
        on the angels. On the mid-Sundays of Advent and Lent we use rose. You 
        may also notice that Gabes shirt and/or tie will be the color of the day. 
      <p><span class="bkg-tan">June 22, 2008</span><br>
        <span class="txt-black-sm">The altar is primarily a table and is the central 
        focus of a church where Eucharist is celebrated. From the altar where 
        the sacrifice of calvary is made present to us we are fed the </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">Bread 
        of Life</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> to sustain us on our missionary 
        journey into the world. But in the very early days of the Church, to avoid 
        persecution, Roman Christians fled to the catacombs where their loved 
        ones - some martyrs for the faith - were buried. They would celebrate 
        the Mass on their </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">tombs</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> 
        and so to remember our ancestors in the faith, it became the custom to 
        bury relics of saints in western altars. In the east, relics are sewn 
        into a special cloth.<br>
        Some of you have been asking what relics are in our altars. I am not sure 
        exactly which altar contains which relics but I think the relics in our 
        altars are those of </span><span class="txt-brown-sm-bold">St. Elizabeth 
        Seton, St. John Vianney</span><span class="txt-black-sm"> (middle tapestry) 
        and the Japanese Martyrs. If anyone knows differently, please correct 
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          Church of the Holy Spirit, ( Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester )<br>
          1355 Hatch Road, Webster, NY 14580 - Phone: (585) 671-5520 </b></div>
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