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iOS Backup Treemap

Shows the amount of space used by your apps, according to your most recent backup.


  • Make a proper class for the space-map data
  • Export that class to a dict/json
  • Parse my iTunes Mobile Apps folder and store:
    • Bundle ID (index by this)
    • App name
    • Zipped size
    • Full size
    • Genres?
    • App icon (extract to a folder)
  • Integrate the above data with the space-map-data class
    • Show app name over bundle ID
    • Update the tree-map to show that size data (with a 3-way toggle per kind of data)
  • Allow pan/zoom on the TreeMap
  • Consider switching to a different treemap source (here too) to make the above easier?
    • Try to keep most of the action in the space-map-data class to make output-format switches easier
  • Move the Flask webapp into its own package


  • Add a "keep/hidden" attribute to remove big-but-want-to-keep apps from the TreeMap
  • Make a "Pile of Shame" queue of apps to keep-or-kill
  • Make a list of apps that aren't installed
  • Make it a keep-or-delete queue
  • Support reading the Springboard data from a connected iPhone with libimobiledevice?
  • Associate backup files with their apps to notice which small apps have big fingerprints.

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