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<h3 class="annual_conference">
  Rochester NY Chesterton Society
  <br />
  9<sup>th</sup> Annual Conference
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  <h1>History<br />Matters</h1>

...a look at<br /> some of the history<br /> we don&rsquo;t know

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  <div class="quote">
    <span class="nowrap">&ldquo;History is stuffed with miracles.&rdquo;</span>
    <span class="nowrap">--GK Chesterton, New York Herald, 2-12-21</span>

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  <br />

    Saturday, September 29<sup>th</sup>, 2012
  9 am &mdash; 3:30 pm

  <p><strong>St. John Fisher College</strong>, Coleman Chapel, Murphy Hall<br />
  <strong>Donation:</strong> $10.  <strong>Free to students.</strong>  Lunch will be available at nominal cost.</p>

  <p class="thanks">Funded by the Basilian Fathers of St. John Fisher College.
  With support from members of the Rochester NY Chesterton Society and from <a href="http://siministries.org" class="nowrap">St. Irenaeus Ministries</a>.
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