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	<title>The Rochester NY Chesterton Society</title>
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      <h3 class="annual_conference">
        Rochester NY Chesterton Society
        <br />
        8<sup>th</sup> Annual Conference
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      <div class="header" >
        <img src="chesterton_2011_v2_small.gif" id="pic" alt="Illustration of Chesterton with a paint brush and palette." height="382" />
        <h1>Transforming <span class="nowrap">The Culture</span></h1>

      <div class="clear" />

        <div class="quote">
          <span class="nowrap">&ldquo;Art is the signature of man.&rdquo;</span>
          <span class="nowrap">-- GK Chesterton</span>

        <p class="speakers">
          <span class="nowrap"><span class="name">Joseph Pearce</span>, Author</span> &bull;
          <span class="nowrap"><span class="name">Kevin O&rsquo;Brien</span>, Theater of the Word, Inc.</span>  &bull;
          <span class="nowrap"><span class="name">Dale Ahlquist</span>, American Chesterton Society</span>  &bull;
          <span class="nowrap"><span class="name">Dr. Tom Martin</span>, Philosophy, U. Nebraska</span>

        <br />

          Saturday, October 1st, 2011
        9 am &mdash; 3:30 pm

        <p><strong>St. John Fisher College</strong>, Coleman Chapel, Murphy Hall<br />
          <strong>Donation:</strong> $10.  <strong>Free to students.</strong>  Lunch will be available at nominal cost.</p>

        <p class="thanks">Funded by the Basilian Fathers of St. John Fisher College.
          With support from members of the Rochester NY Chesterton Society and from <a href="" class="nowrap">St. Irenaeus Ministries</a>.
{% endblock -%}

        <h4>Recordings of our past conferences are also available:</h4>
        <ul class="past-conferences">
          <li><a href="/2007">Conversion of Heart: St. Paul, St. Augustine, John Henry Newman, <span class="nowrap">GK Chesterton</span> (2007)</a></li>
          <li><a href="/2008">Paradox and the Pursuit of Truth (2008)</a></li>
          <li><a href="/2009">Re-awakening Wonder (2009)</a></li>
          <li><a href="/2010">What Ought To Be: Themes from Chesterton's What's Wrong with the World (2010)</a></li>
          <li><a href="/2011">TODO: 2011</a></li>

        The Rochester NY Chesterton Society meets the third Thursday of the month, September-December, and March-June.
        Among our goals are lively discussion, good fellowship, and a deeper appreciation of the work of GKC.
        <br/>Direct questions to <a href=""></a>

        <hr style="margin-bottom: 1em;" />
        {% block poster -%}
        {# TODO: Only show this if poster_url is set -#}
        <p><a href="letter-sized-2011.pdf">A letter-sized poster for this event is also available.</a></p>
        {% endblock -%}

        <div id="maintained_by">Website maintained by volunteers from <a href="">St. Irenaeus Ministries: a center of orthodox Catholic mission and renewal in Rochester.</a></div>

        <div id="copyright">
          &copy; 2012 Rochester NY Chesterton Society

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