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Issue #5 wontfix

Add local roles migration (sharing tab metadata)

Ed Crewe
repo owner created an issue

Hi Janine,

The migrator runs a workflow migration. Your workflow is a custom one, since normally the state would be private, pending, published or perhaps published to intranet. Unfortunately it uses local roles to manually set access to your pages rather than via workflow.

This manual setting of local roles throughout a site is a less common approach, hence you are the first to come up with the issue.

Unfortunately the code assumes that roles are only set on the top level folder and managed below that via workflow. So the migrator only checks them for the portal level - then just exports workflow states below that.

I would need to change the code in https://bitbucket.org/edcrewe/ilrt.contentmigrator/src/2fcbe0a3aa1d/ilrt/contentmigrator/ContentMigrator/ContentExporter.py to run _getRoleInfo for every object being exported. I will add the issue to bitbucket - but I am not sure when I might get the time to add that feature.

Sorry, Ed

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 10:26 PM, Janine Goldstein Aquino janine@ucar.edu wrote: Hi,

I hope it is O.K. to contact you this way. I did not see a way to ask questions via pypi or bitbucket. If not, can you refer me to the correct forum to ask my question?

It appears that you are the lead developer on Plone ILRT Content Migrator. I am using your tool to migrate an old Plone 3 site to my company's current CMS (Drupal). We have some 500 pages that have the state "viewable by group members" and the metadata exported with the page using your script reflects this. However, it does not say which group the item is part of (the information that shows up under the "sharing" tab in edit mode.

Is there a way to export this group information using the ilrt.contentmigrator module?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give,


Janine Aquino NCAR/EOL/CDS & RAF 303-497-8691

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  1. Ed Crewe reporter

    Nobody else has an old plone site set up in a zope like manner with extensive local roles - I guess generally people use Plones workflow (which is good!)

    So mark this as wont fix since only once requested.

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