Fix for compilation problems with async with Boost 1.35 and up

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Hello Edd,

I posted on your blog about a problem I had compiling async with boost 1.35 and up. At the time I just kept using the old version of boost, but upgrading Ubuntu made me look at this again. I think your async library is the best thread helping library I've found by far as it is simple and easy to use, so thanks for writing it.

The problems I was encountering were minor so I figured out the change that seems to work at created a diff. I'm now using boost 1.38.

Diff for async-0.2.3/async/include/async/detail/result_store.hpp:


include <boost/thread/condition.hpp>

84c85 < if (l.locked())

            if (l.owns_lock())

145c146 < if (l.locked())

> if (l.owns_lock())



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