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Supported systems and compilers

There are lots of gotchas with Fibers and the POSIX functions used to implement coco. You should make sure that all the unit tests pass before using coco. If you do find that coco works on a configuration not listed here, please let me know!

I have tested coco with the following compilers/systems:

  • MSVC8, MSVC9 and MSVC10 on Windows XP
  • MinGW 4.2.1 and later with DWARF exception handling on Windows XP. The SJLJ exception handling model will not work!
  • g++ 4.1.2 on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon x86
  • Apple’s g++ 4.0.1 and 4.2.1, Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) on an Intel Mac. PowerPC may work — I haven’t tried. Earlier versions of Mac OS X than 10.5 don’t supply the POSIX functionality needed by coco.
  • Apple's llvm-g++ 4.2.1.

To get a build of MinGW that has DWARF exception handling, visit the MinGW sourceforge page. You cannot mix object files compiled with SJLJ/DWARF exceptions. You have to use one or the other throughout your code.