Infer assert() variables from condition

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It would be great to directly infer the variables that made a condition fail, and print them without the need to specify them to the macro:

DBG_ASSERT(x + y > z), DBG_TAG(x), DBG_TAG(y), DBG_TAG(z);

would become:


where x, y and z would be automatically inferred. I know it is possible, because you can do it manually with GDB, but it probably requires a lot of effort. If you get it, I would suggest including the library in the Boost framework.

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  1. Edd Dawson repo owner

    This could only be done if debug information is present. The implementation would be very different for MSVC and DWARF emitting toolchains.

    It's a nice idea, but I doubt I'll ever find time for this particular undertaking. Feel free to have a go, though!

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