Build failure on windows & python 2.7

Issue #2 resolved
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D:\edd-dbg\edd-dbg-f7543c5a7621>python variant=msvc.cfg
-> using default of '5' for 'jobs' (the number of jobs that should be processed concurrently)
-> using default of 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0' for 'msvc.vsroot' (VisualStudio installation directory)
-> using default of 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A' for 'msvc.sdkroot' (path to the Windows/Platform SDK)
-> using 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin\vcvars32.bat' to augment build environment
-> using default of '0x05010000' for 'win.ntddi_version' (the value of the NTDDI_VERSION macro, determining the minimum target OS)
-> loading subproject ''
-> using default of 'False' for 'dbg.optimize_out' (True if the library shouldn't be built e.g. for release builds where asserts are dummy macros)
-> using default of 'None' for 'dbg.dbghelp_dll_path' (Location of a recent dbghelp.dll to be hardcoded (optional))
-> loading subproject 'D:\edd-dbg\edd-fungo-9518b2e0588c\'
-> ERROR! recursive subproject inclusion:
  D:\edd-dbg\edd-dbg-f7543c5a7621\ > D:\edd-dbg\edd-fungo-9518b2e0588c\ > D:\edd-dbg\edd-dbg-f7543c5a7621\

All files were downloaded today, and nothing changed in any file, only config files were made. I just tried to run it, and it errors out.

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  1. Edd Dawson repo owner

    Hello anonymous, can you please show me what you have in your config file?

    Have you modified fungo's at all? The error seems to imply that it is loading dbg's, which should not be the case.

  2. Anonymous

    no changes to fungo at all

    buildroot = here/'build'
    log = here/'moo'
    test_o_matic.root = ''
    fungo.root = 'd:\edd-dbg\edd-fungo-9518b2e0588c'
    dbg.platform = 'windows'
    kit = ['msvc'] #['gnucpp', 'gnuc'] # For g++/gcc, including Apple's GCC/LLVM-GCC, and MinGW.
    flags = [
        'iso', # enable standards compliant mode
        'warn-extra', # enable lots of warnings. There's also 'warn' and 'warn-extreme'.
        'warn-as-error', # translate any warnings in to errors
        'check-stl-concepts', # enable concept checking in the STL, where available
        'static-runtime', # link against the platform's static runtime libraries
        'copy-runtime-libs', # copy the runtime libraries next to any generated executables
        'debug' # build debuggable objects, libraries and executables
  3. Edd Dawson repo owner

    Hi steven32,

    fungo's loads the test-o-matic subproject with this line:

    # Dependencies
    test_o_matic = subproject(test_o_matic_root/'')

    In your msvc.cfg you have test_o_matic.root set to the empty string, which means that the build thinks test-o-matic's build script is the in the current directory, which in your case is that of dbg. This is the circular inclusion that the build mentions.

    Downloading/cloning test-o-matic and setting test_o_matic.root appropriately should fix the problem.

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