Seems to be not working

Issue #7 resolved
Alex D
created an issue

traceback.cpp shows -> [no call frames available]

mingw 4.8.0 / win7 / custom build-system

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  1. Edd Dawson repo owner

    Could you please provide a reproducible test case?

    Please include the code and how to build it.

    EDIT: I'm guessing you are referring to examples/traceback.cpp(?)

    Can you please provide the build flags used to build the library and the example? If the build of MinGW you are using targets x64, I am unable to address this for the time being as I do not have a 64bit Windows OS.

  2. Alex D reporter

    EDIT: I'm guessing you are referring to examples/traceback.cpp(?) Yes. Sorry, I forgot to note.

    I'm using mingw32 provided by nixmann host OS - Win7x64, host compiler = x86, target = x86, As I understood trouble with dwarf-type exceptions. I've tried to build with sjlj - everything ok.

  3. Edd Dawson repo owner

    I have tried the toolchain found via the link you gave. 'Debug builds' work as expected on a Windows XP machine.

    To look in to your problem further I will need to know the following:

    • version of fungo used
    • version of dbg used
    • compiler flags used
    • linker flags used
    • version of dbghelp.dll used
    • any other customizations present in your build environment


  4. Edd Dawson repo owner

    Hi Sahab,

    If the information above isn't provided, I can't reproduce the problem and will have to close this bug (if only temporarily) as 'invalid'. I have to be a bit ruthless in this regard as I have a lot of projects to support.

    Thanks, Edd

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