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opqit / compilation

To use opqit, you don't need to compile any source files. It's a header only library. However, the examples, tests and benchmarks that come with opqit do need to be compiled.

I maintain opqit using doozer, a home-grown build system. You should just be able to load up the source files to each example in you preferred IDE or knock together a quick makefile if you prefer.

Compiling the examples, tests and benchmarks.

You will need to get the following prerequisites:

Create a doozer config file, and add the following lines (adjusted as necessary):

boost.root = here/'boost' # Path to unzipped boost source distribution
test_o_matic.root = here/'test_o_matic'


The following command will then build everything and run opqit's tests:

python opqit/ variant=<your-config>.cfg