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sigfwd / building

Building sigfwd

I tried and failed to create a nice set of qmake .pro files for this project, but the differences between the supported platforms defeated me. In particular I couldn't find out how to:

  1. get the Qt dlls copied next to the demo executable (Visual C++ and MinGW)
  2. get the build products to go where I asked them
  3. get the debug/release functionality in the config working (on Mac OS X in particular).

A somewhat sad state of affairs, I know. So if you'd like to lend a hand with the creation of some qmake scripts, please get in touch.

Building manually

Fortunately, there aren't many source files and the compilation process is quite straight forward.

To build the sigfwd library, compile the handful of C++ source files in the src/ directory. Tell your compiler to look in the include/ directory for header files while doing so.

When using sigfwd in your own code, tell your compiler to look for header files in include/.

A little demo program is provided in demo/ which you can build in this way.