What is Chester?

Chester is a command line tool that manages micro information. Things we usually jot down or wish we did. A few examples: birthdates, movie/song/book names, quotes, snippets, etc.

Sample usage

Jot down a few things

Fresh install and ready to go? Chester saves a JSON file to the home directory. All information is categorized into lists. So, lets say you have a tough time remembering birthdays, you can call on Chester to remember them.

Remember a birthday

$: chester birthday "Clint Eastwood" "5/31/1930"

Chester creates a new list named birthday with Clint Eastwood's birthday as the first entry. Lets say you have another birthday to remember.

Remember another birthday

$: chester birthday "Martina Guerrero" "1/22"

Martina Guerrero becomes the next entry in the birthday list.

Note that we created the list on the fly by assigning the first entry, we could have created an empty list if we wished.

Create an empty list named birthday

$: chester birthday

Create other lists with ease

Remember a movie

$: chester movie "Get Low" "Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek"

Remember a song

$: chester song "The Clash" "Magnificent Seven"

Remember a command

$: chester apache "restart" "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart"

Getting rid of items

Say you wanted to get rid of Martina Guerrero's birthday.

Delete a single item in a list

$: chester birthday "Martina Guerrero" delete

Or, say you want to get rid of the entire birthday list.

Delete an entire list

$: chester birthday delete

Viewing the list and its items

To find out how many lists and entries Chester is holding for you, simply type chester with no arguments.

Quick overview

$: chester

View all

To view every list and its entries.

$: chester all

View a list

To view all entries from a specific list, say books.

$: chester books

That's all for now

Yea, that pretty much sums it up.


If you noticed a similarity in features to Zach Holman's Boom, it's because your senses are sharp. I admit it was a little NIH syndrome but I did it for the learning experience. Anyway, I'll quote Sidney Poitier in Lilies of the Field, "I really wanted to build something" and "I wanted to do it myself".