Advanced support for Deployment Projects

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  1. Maksym Grebenets

This PR adds following functionality to Bamboo Group Agent

Lock Deployment Projects to a Group Agent

It is often useful to lock Deployment Projects of a Build Plan to the same Group Agent which that plan is locked to. We have the need for this feature in actual project. To support this functionality a new checkbox is added to Build Plan's Miscellaneous tab.


Flexible configuration of Group Agent for deployments

With current implementation, Group Agent will either run no deployments at all or will allow to run any Deployment Project. New implementation offers more detailed control. When Group Agent is configured, it's Allows Deployments option can have one of 3 values

  • None - no Deployment Projects are allowed to run on this Group Agent
  • Group - allow only those Deployment Projects whose parent Build Plan requires this Group Agent as well
  • All - all Deployment Projects are allowed to run on this Group Agent



Other changes include

  • .gitignore
  • Java code formatting

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  1. Maksym Grebenets author

    Ok, cool. Let me know after you have a chance to review. I assume you will have comments and recommendations regarding wording, code, etc. Looking forward to fixing it all up.