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ibus: autostart and configure

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+[Desktop Entry]
+Exec=ibus-daemon -d
+Name=IBus Input Method


 # panel
   # remove bottom panel, merge window list and workspaces with top
   # metricize weather app, add location
-# input method
-  # set keyboard input method to ibus
-  # enable ibus esperanto, anthy, pre-latin
+# default input methods
+gconftool-2 -t list --list-type string -s /desktop/ibus/general/preload_engines "[m17n:eo:x-sistemo,m17n:shaw:shavian,m17n:fa:fa-roman,m17n:ja:anthy]"
 if [ $INSTALL == y ]; then
 PACKAGES="aptitude chromium-browser ibus-anthy ibus-m17n"
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