Matt Good avatar Matt Good committed 6bf7f17

follow up [2409] to ignore blank `trac.htdocs_location` values and default to the built-in chrome handler

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         href = Href(req.cgi_location)
         req.hdf['chrome.href'] =
-        htdocs_location = self.config.get('trac', 'htdocs_location',
-                                'common'))
+        htdocs_location = self.config.get('trac', 'htdocs_location') or \
+                'common')
         req.hdf['htdocs_location'] = htdocs_location.rstrip('/') + '/'
         # HTML <head> links


 from trac.web.main import dispatch_request, get_environment, \
                           send_pretty_error, send_project_index
-import _fcgi
+import _thfcgi
+#import _fcgi
 import os
 import locale
 def run():
     locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')
-    _fcgi.Server(_handler).run()
+    _thfcgi.THFCGI(_handler).run()
+    #_fcgi.Server(_handler).run()
+class FCGIRequest(CGIRequest):
+    def __init__(self, environ, input, output, fieldStorage):
+        self._fieldStorage = fieldStorage
+        CGIRequest.__init__(self, environ, input, output)
-def _handler(_req):
-    req = CGIRequest(_req.params, _req.stdin, _req.stdout)
+    def _getFieldStorage(self):
+        return self._fieldStorage
+def _handler(_req, _env, _fieldStorage):
+    req = FCGIRequest(_env, _req.stdin, _req.out, _fieldStorage)
     env = get_environment(req, os.environ)
     if not env:
         send_project_index(req, os.environ)
-        return _fcgi.CGI_REQUEST_COMPLETE, 0
+        return
         dispatch_request(req.path_info, req, env)
     except Exception, e:
         send_pretty_error(e, env, req)
-    return _fcgi.FCGI_REQUEST_COMPLETE, 0
+    return
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