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Christian Boos  committed b638a95

1.0.2dev: print `trac-admin` errors in functional tests.

Print the error when an exception is thrown due to a non-zero return
code from calling `trac-admin`.

Patch by Ryan J Ollos <ryan.j.ollos@gmail.com>.

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File trac/tests/functional/testenv.py

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         if proc.returncode:
-            raise Exception('Failed with exitcode %s running trac-admin ' \
-                            'with %r' % (proc.returncode, args))
+            raise Exception("Failed while running trac-admin with arguments %r.\n"
+                            "Exitcode: %s \n%s"
+                            % (args, proc.returncode, out))
     def start(self):
         """Starts the webserver, and waits for it to come up."""