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Jun Omae  committed d39f60b

1.0.2dev: follow-ups to r11745, adds missing `.zip` to the file name of zip download from changeset page and removed undefined `self` in `render_zip` utility function

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  • Parent commits 7f93efc
  • Branches 1.0-stable

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File trac/versioncontrol/web_ui/changeset.py

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             if format == 'diff':
                 self._render_diff(req, filename, repos, data)
             elif format == 'zip':
-                render_zip(req, filename, repos, None,
+                render_zip(req, filename + '.zip', repos, None,
                            partial(self._zip_iter_nodes, req, repos, data))
         # -- HTML format

File trac/versioncontrol/web_ui/util.py

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         zipinfo = ZipInfo()
         path = node.path.strip('/')
-        if not path.startswith(root_path):
-            self.log.debug('path=%r, root_path=%r', path, root_path)
         assert path.startswith(root_path)
         # The general purpose bit flag 11 is used to denote
         # UTF-8 encoding for path and comment. Only set it for