Christian Boos committed de30df4

In TracBrowser, the ''View changes...'' form should use ''stickyrev'' instead of ''rev''. This gives less surprising results when browsing at "latest" (`stickyrev == None`) and comparing between paths when keeping the pre-filled revision.

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           <div class="buttons">
             <input type="hidden" name="new_path" value="$path" />
             <input type="hidden" name="old_path" value="$path" />
-            <input type="hidden" name="new_rev" value="$rev" />
-            <input type="hidden" name="old_rev" value="$rev" />
+            <input type="hidden" name="new_rev" value="$stickyrev" />
+            <input type="hidden" name="old_rev" value="$stickyrev" />
             <input type="submit" value="View changes..." title="Select paths and revs for Diff" />