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edgimar  committed ee79f51

- implement toggle-all option ('A' key) to toggle applied status of all
files/hunks, based on a patch provided by Nicholas Riley.

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File crecord/chunk_selector.py

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         # stores optional text for a commit comment provided by the user
         self.commentText = ""
+        # if the last 'toggle all' command caused all changes to be applied
+        self.wasLastToggleAllApplied = True
     def upArrowEvent(self):
         Try to select the previous item to the current item that has the
                 item.hunk.header.applied = True
                 item.hunk.header.partial = (someParentSiblingsPartial or \
                                             not allParentSiblingsApplied)
+    def toggleAll(self):
+        "Toggle the applied flag of all items."
+        if self.wasLastToggleAllApplied: # then unapply them this time
+            for item in self.headerList:
+                if item.applied:
+                    self.toggleApply(item)
+        else:
+            for item in self.headerList:
+                if not item.applied:
+                    self.toggleApply(item)
+        self.wasLastToggleAllApplied = not self.wasLastToggleAllApplied
     def toggleFolded(self, item=None, foldParent=False):
         "Toggle folded flag of specified item (defaults to currently selected)"
         if item is None:
         # print out the status lines at the top
-            printString(self.statuswin, "SELECT CHUNKS: (j/k/up/down/pgup/pgdn) move cursor; (space) toggle applied", pairName="legend")
+            printString(self.statuswin, "SELECT CHUNKS: (j/k/up/dn/pgup/pgdn) move cursor; (space/A) toggle hunk/all", pairName="legend")
             printString(self.statuswin, " (f)old/unfold; (c)ommit applied; (q)uit; (?) help | [X]=hunk applied **=folded", pairName="legend")
         except curses.error:
 The following are valid keystrokes:
                 [SPACE] : (un-)select item ([~]/[X] = partly/fully applied)
+                      A : (un-)select all items
     Up/Down-arrow [k/j] : go to previous/next unfolded item
         PgUp/PgDn [K/J] : go to previous/next item of same type
  Right/Left-arrow [l/h] : go to child item / parent item
             elif keyPressed in [' ']:
+            elif keyPressed in ['A']:
+                self.toggleAll()
             elif keyPressed in ["f"]:
             elif keyPressed in ["F"]: