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Christian Ebert  committed f7f6a04

Abort when trying to crecord a merge

Analogous to feb2a58fc592 in main.

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File crecord/__init__.py

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     You will be shown a list of patch hunks from which you can select
     those you would like to apply to the commit.
-    '''
+    This command is not available when committing a merge.'''
     dorecord(ui, repo, commands.commit, *pats, **opts)

File crecord/crecord_core.py

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         In the end we'll record interesting changes, and everything else will be
         left in place, so the user can continue his work.
+        merge = len(repo[None].parents()) > 1
+        if merge:
+            raise util.Abort(_('cannot partially commit a merge '
+                               '(use hg commit instead)'))
         if match.files():
             changes = None