Amend choice in the UI

Pierre-Yves David avatarPierre-Yves David created an issue

Since Mercuria 2.2 hg commit have a --amend flag. hg crecord defacto gained this flag which works as expected. However, it would be handy to have a "amend" choice during crecord operation alongside the "commit" one. It would allow to choose to amend after crecord had been launched

Comments (4)

  1. Rémi Cardona

    I second that feature request. As a regular user of tools such as git-gui where the choice of either creating a new commit or amending the previous one is available, I often launch crecord, select the right bits I want to commit, only then to realize I forgot the --amend option. I then often curse at myself and start over.

    Many thanks for considering this!

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