qcrecord doesn't refresh mq patch with all selected changes

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I have a whittled-down test case where when I use qcrecord (and presumably, crecord as well), it leaves some changes behind.

To see this happen, unpack the attached tarball. This will create an hg repo in a directory 'crecord-bug'.

cd crecord-bug

hg series -v # There is a single patch in an mq queue

hg qpush # apply the patch

hg qref -X '*' # empty out the patch, putting changes in working directory

hg qcrecord newpatch # bring up the UI

Press 'c' to accept the whole patch

hg diff # you will see some changes left behind!

Note that I first saw this when selecting a whole patch, with multiple files, except for a couple of changed lines in one file. So this isn't an artifact of accepting a whole patch, or only having a single file, or something like that.

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  1. Mark Edgington repo owner
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    Thanks for the test-case. I'll take a closer look when I have time, but it might get fixed sooner if you (or anybody else) wants to dig into it yourself. The behavior doesn't happen with qrecord, so probably comparing record and crecord's code might be a good start for identifying where the problem is. Anyway, it's not a data-loss issue, so at least doing another 'hg qref' will get you what you wanted.

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