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Issue #24 resolved

qcrefresh: pre-load existing commit message for editing

created an issue

I've noticed that qcrefresh clears commit message when editing it with 'm' key. It makes unrealistic a workflow which I'd love to use:


qcrefresh: select hunks i'd like to preserve

qcrefresh -> 'm': update commit message accordingly

repeat from pt.1

It becomes a pain to re-type the commit message from scratch, especially when the patch becomes big enough.

I think, I'll start hacking this thing right away (so, it's more a notice, than a feature-request), but I'd love to hear any considerations/objections/known pitfalls on the topic.

Cheers, immerrr

Comments (5)

  1. Mark Edgington repo owner

    Can you check your "qcrefresh_initialize_msg_from_patchmsg" patch for compatibility with HG 1.1 and newer? If it works, I'll add this and a modified version of "append_help_when_editing_nonempty_msgs_too".

  2. immerrr reporter

    I'm not really sure qcrefresh as of fd72c5cd0633 supports mercurial as old as 1.1.

    I've tried major release snapshots starting from 1.1 and only 1.7 started working using the following setup:

    ../mercurial-1.7/hg init \
      && cat /dev/urandom | strings | head -n10 > file \
      && ../mercurial-1.7/hg add file \
      && ../mercurial-1.7/hg qnew -f foopatch -m 'foo bar baz' \
      && ../mercurial-1.7/hg qcrefresh

    And yeah, my changes seem to work in 1.7. I've also created a pull request of them.

  3. Mark Edgington repo owner

    Ok. I guess maybe it's time to relax the hg 1.1 requirement anyway, since it was released more than 3 years ago. Maybe the new "earliest" supported hg rev should be 1.7. Unless you (and all of the masses reading this issue) have objections to this, I'll update the wiki at some point to reflect this.

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