crecord garbles changes

Issue #29 resolved
Thomas Lotze
created an issue

One pattern that I just found is this: Create a file with three lines:

{{{ one two three }}}

Commit it and add a few lines:

{{{ one one-half two three four }}}

Commit this using crecord (without modifying the patch). Now it created the following change:

{{{ @@ -1,3 +1,5 @@ one +one-half two +four three }}}

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  1. Thomas Lotze reporter

    I'm using the same crecord changeset that you do and I can reproduce the behaviour with both Mercurial 2.0.2 and 2.1, both with my usual set of Mercurial extensions activated and without any, and with both Ubuntu 10.10/Python 2.6 and 11.04/Python 2.7. Note that it's the change that is broken, not the file on disk, i.e. hg diff shows another change switching lines "three" and "four" back.

  2. immerrr

    May it be something wrong with my recent changes in diff range calculation?

    Disregard that, misread a message above in a hurry.

    If anything, I can confirm reproducing that on HG:2.0.2 + crecord:fd72c5cd0633, too.

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