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Crecord is slow when 10,000 line change

created an issue

crecord is to much slow and take 100% CPU when there is 10,000 line of change.

and It hangs if amount of change in file is more then that (approx 1,00,000)

To reproduce this issue create a new repo, execute following command to add new file with 10000 line, for i in {1..10000}; do echo "hi" >> a.txt ; done hg add a.txt

then try hg crecord

i am using Mercurial version 2.1 on ubuntu

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  1. Mark Edgington repo owner

    it is clear that there is room for speed optimizations with crecord -- if you run "hg --profile crecord", you can see that the culprit is the _ _printItem() method in the CursesChunkSelector class in chunk_selector.py. Feel free to dig into this if you'd like to speed things up, and submit a patch.

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