Add UTF-8 support

Issue #38 resolved
created an issue

When patch contains non-ASCII UTF-8 characters, crecord incorrectly displays them. Also, scrolling doesn't work well (bottom lines aren't displayed). I can make an example if needed.

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  1. Mark Edgington repo owner

    Please do add a test-case, so that if needed, we can test for this in the future -- preferably in the form of a shell-script which (1) creates the files and directories needed, and (2) calls the necessary hg commands on these files/directories.

  2. sorcerer reporter

    Please sorry for so long delay.

    I've attached two text files:

    • file2 which contains of repeated single word in russian
    • file2.patch, a patch to it

    Please create a repository with file2 as initial revision, then apply the patch and try to crecord it. I see many incorrect characters and only 3 of 5 changed lines. hg diff shows changes correctly.

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