edgimar  committed 4fc8c73

- reminderpopup now tolerates timeouts when trying to contact notify-osd

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File extra/reminderpopup

     # using another application in fullscreen mode and might miss seeing a
     # gxmessage popup.
-        import pynotify
+        import pynotify, gio
         if pynotify.init("Reminder Popup Script"):
             # hard-coded assuming that we are called with "reminderpopup -center -title 'titletext' ..."
             title = sys.argv[3] 
             n.set_timeout(1500) # milliseconds
         # else: there was an error initializing pynotify (app name conflict?)
-    except ImportError:
+    except (ImportError, gio.Error):
+        # gio.Error happens if there's a timeout trying to contact notify-osd 
     # sound alarm tone