gcalcli / extra / reminderpopup

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#!/usr/bin/env python
# 2010-03-10, Mark Edgington

# gxmessage based popup reminder dialog box, with option to snooze for
# different periods of time.  Simply closing the dialog will dismiss the alarm.

# call this script just like you would call gxmessage, except make sure that there
# are no -buttons or -default arguments.

import subprocess
import sys
import time
import datetime

args = ['gxmessage', '-buttons', "_15min:15,30min:30,45min:45,1hr:60,3hr:180,_dismiss:0", '-default', "_15min"] + sys.argv[1:]

sleep_secs = None

while (sleep_secs != 0) and (sleep_secs != 60):
    if sleep_secs is not None:
        start_time =
        time_diff = datetime.timedelta(seconds=sleep_secs)
        while True:
            now =
            if now - start_time >= time_diff:
    # try also to pop up a short libnotify notification - useful if you're
    # using another application in fullscreen mode and might miss seeing a
    # gxmessage popup.
        import pynotify
        if pynotify.init("Reminder Popup Script"):
            # hard-coded assuming that we are called with "reminderpopup -center -title 'titletext' ..."
            title = sys.argv[3] 
            n = pynotify.Notification("Calendar Reminder", title)
            n.set_timeout(1500) # milliseconds
        # else: there was an error initializing pynotify (app name conflict?)
    except ImportError:
    # sound alarm tone
        subprocess.Popen(['beep']) # non-blocking call
        pass # ignore if it's not there

    # pop up gxmessage window
    minutes =
    sleep_secs = minutes*60