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- update to require pyxdg
- added idea of multi-list sync option to todo-list

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 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
-    name='michel',
-    version='0.0.6',
-    author='Christophe-Marie Duquesne',
-    author_email='',
+    name='michel-orgmode',
+    version='0.1.0',
+    maintainer='Mark Edgington',
+    maintainer_email='',
-    url='',
+    url='',
-    description='pushes/pull flat text files to google tasks',
+    description='push/pull an org-mode file to a google-tasks task-list',
-    install_requires = ['google-api-python-client'],
+    install_requires = ['google-api-python-client', 'pyxdg'],
-    michel = michel.michel:main
+    michel-orgmode = michel.michel:main
 ** Figure out how to identify whether a google-tasks list is currently being edited, and postpone syncing until it is no longer being edited and remains so for a certain period of time.  Might be able to use the "updated" timestamp provided from the GTasks API representation of a task.
 ** More intelligent sync using task GUIDs provided by google, stored as properties of the org-mode headlines
 ** only allow syncing when is present and the diff3 program exists
+** Mode where multiple Gtasks-lists can be synced to a single org-mode file
+The idea is to have an org-mode file whose top-level headings corresponded to different google-tasks lists.  Each heading would have a properties drawer with some properties indicating which michel-profile and gtasks list-name the heading corresponds to.