The curses-record extension for mercurial. See wiki for more details.


This is a place where "candidate" versions of the XDG autostart spec can be drafted. The file-format used is org-mode.


Script to push or pull an org-mode file to/from a google-tasks list

Pweave (refactored to process any kind of code/text)

Fork of Matti's Pweave repo which contains code from my "non-forked" repo (https://bitbucket.org/edgimar/pweave) from awhile back. This code is refactored quite a bit from the original Pweave code, to make it easy to add custom "chunk processor" classes for use by pweave. Hopefully by making this a fork of the main Pweave repo, it will be easier for people to find it, and use whatever code from it they wish in order to improve Matti's version (or use it as-is, and improve it).


Script for converting a Mendeley database (and copying associated documents) to a form useable with JabRef.


Modifications to allow changing scale-parameter after a textext object has been created.


A branch of pweave (http://code.google.com/p/pweave/) which has been restructured/rewritten to allow for arbitrary modular text-processing plugins. See the Source tab for more information.


includes a couple features not in gcalcli (https://github.com/insanum/gcalcli) -- daemon mode for popping up Google calendar reminders on your desktop (or running any command), support for magic-cookie URL based authentication, ...

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