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  spydaap: a simple DAAP server for python
+spydaap is a Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) server -- DAAP is the 
+protocol used by Apple's iTunes software.  Running spydaap on your machine
+allows any DAAP enabled music player to browse and play selections from your
+music collection (including music players running on the same machine as the
+server).  There are several DAAP capable players available for all major
+operating systems.
+Because iTunes 7.0 and newer do not enable music to be shared with any other
+kinds of DAAP clients, it is recommended that OS X users run spydaap on their
+machines, which will allow any DAAP client to connect to it (including old and
+new versions of iTunes).
-1. python2.4 or later
-2. mutagen <>
-3. pybonjour <> or
-   python-avahi
+1. Python 2.4 or later
+2. `mutagen <>`_
+3. `pybonjour <>`_ or python-avahi
 Running without installing