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 This is a simple plugin to require users to provide comments when adding
-changes to a wiki page.  User customizable options may be added in the future,
-but for now it works just fine as-is.
+changes to a wiki page.  
 To install, simply run "python bdist_egg".  The resulting egg file
 will be located in the 'dist' folder after it is built.  Copy this egg file
 to the plugins subdirectory of a trac environment, and restart your webserver
 to ensure that the new plugin is loaded.
+To customize, add the following section to your trac.ini file, and any of
+the following settings (defaults are used otherwise):
+min_comment_length = 10
+cosmetic_change_comment = "cosmetic"
+error_text = "Sorry, but a comment is required."
+The 'cosmetic_change_comment' is a string or phrase which can be less than
+the minimum length, but will be accepted, since it indicates that nothing
+comment-worthy was changed.