A Python tool to convert a shamela.ws .bok file to XeLaTeX/PDF.

Requires Python 3 or higher. Requires mdbtools, or mdb-export to be precise, to be on your PATH. Requires a recent version of XeTeX (e.g. TeXLive), and the packages microtype, savetrees, hyperref, polyglossia, bidi, geometry. You can also convert a rar file directly, but you have to have unrar installed.

Right now the tool generates a PDF sized for Kindle DX's screen, and getting it to work on Windows is tricky because of the mdbtools dependency. Unfortunately, Maktaba Shamila uses the dreadful Microsoft Access Database file format (although the file extension is .bok, not .mdb), so mdbtools is needed to convert it to the platform independent SQLite database file format.

Home page of the project: http://bitbucket.org/edin1/bok2tex

You can install it with: pip install http://bitbucket.org/edin1/bok2tex/get/tip.zip

Maktaba Shamila: http://www.shamela.ws