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Updated various configs.

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 	Define("CRYPT_BLOWFISH", 1);
-	Define("MINPASSCHAR",6);
+	Define("MINPASSCHAR",4);
 	$DB = array (
 						'hostname'  => 'localhost',
 						'username'  => 'gencore',
 						'password'  => 'XauirLxNXgRNPQ',
-						'database'  => 'genshiken'
+						'database'  => 'genshiken',
+						'port'  => '5432'
 	$tables = array ("ftp_users",


 		function db_connect() {
-				$conn = pg_pconnect("host=$this->hostname port=5432 user=$this->username password=$this->password dbname=$this->database");
+				$conn = pg_pconnect("host=$this->hostname port=$this->port user=$this->username password=$this->password dbname=$this->database");
 				if ($conn) return TRUE;
 				return FALSE;
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