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General use stuff.

  1. Walter Stanish

OK, I managed to get my tree forked here after some mucking around.

I think the bulk of these changes are good general purpose modifications.

There are also some minimalist changes around what is installed, and the removal of some iffy optimization stuff.

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Comments (4)

  1. Walter Stanish author

    Fair enough. Yeah, I wanted to split it in to specific updates but in fact because the original commits were not structured that way it became impossible. Lesson to me: structure change at one-change-per-commit!

  2. Walter Stanish author

    PS. Rather than duplicating the changes, good git UIs often have a 'cherry pick' interface that lets you pull these things in bit by bit. I know SourceTree (my UI of choice for more complex VCS processes) has a great one. Unfortunately it also fails to provide the same functionality in patch generation... so I couldn't push these things to you as serialized patches one by one (my original wont). I've opened a bug with them to add this, they've been really responsive in the past so hopefully this won't be an issue in future.

  3. Eric Dowd repo owner

    Set the enviroment variable AMI_TYPE="minimal" to do minimal build. The only items in /var/lib/portage/world are app-admin/sudo and sys-kernel/gentoo-sources