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made rel:correspondedWith symmetrical, without having to inference

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             print "%s -> %s" % (s, o)
             # TODO: make sure these exist?
             if self.edge['label'] == 'correspondedWith':
+                # make it symmetrical without having to do inferencing
                 self.graph.add((s, REL['collaboratesWith'], o))
+                self.graph.add((o, REL['collaboratesWith'], s))
             elif self.edge['label'] in ['associatedWith', 'associateWith']:
                 # TODO: what does associatedWith mean?
+                # TODO: ok that it is symmetrical?
                 self.graph.add((s, EAC['associatedWith'], o))
+                self.graph.add((o, EAC['associatedWith'], s))
         elif name == 'data':
             self.key = None
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