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patch for rest server compatibility

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+Version 1.2.5:
+* Fix for decoding chunked HTTP responses with extraneous whitespace
+    * includes extra whitespace in its chunked HTTP response
+      length, e.g. "6  \r\n" instead of "6\r\n".
 Version 1.2.4:
 * Fix handling of HTTP response code 304 (patch by Ben Slavin)


 chunk_size(<<"\r\n", _/binary>>, Chars) ->
+chunk_size(<<$\s, Binary/binary>>, Chars) ->
+    %% Facebook's HTTP server returns a chunk size like "6  \r\n"
+    chunk_size(Binary, Chars);
 chunk_size(<<Char, Binary/binary>>, Chars) ->
     chunk_size(Binary, [Char | Chars]).
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