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 6d41a8a076413c441fd752cd889dad4e9872bcf7 1.2.1
 0aa6509343cce7e39d14573a10ef81a88d2fa69b 1.2.2
 82c315b53a5dce40df76d28244cdb678084fbb1b 1.2.3
+c826c624fbb845fd31efbd85cf475c7c0d416746 1.2.4
       after completing requests which came from the lhttpc_client process.
       These are now avoided.
+Version 1.2.4:
+* Fix handling of HTTP response code 304 (patch by Ben Slavin)
 Version 1.2.3:
 * Fix handling of unexpected 100 Continue response (patch by Magnus Henoch)
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-make clean && make && make dialyzer
 if ! yesno "Did the compilation run without warnings?"; then
     echo "Try again..."
     exit 1