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Add gitignore, so that we can interract better with github.
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Update ignore pattern
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Added tag 1.2.5 for changeset b8806a09fa3b
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Merge with 1.2 branch. Bob Ippolito's changes were backported to the 1.2 branch.
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Initial commit
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Merged with 1.2 branch
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Enable configuration of connection timeouts.
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Update TODO
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Update version
 * Erlang/OTP R12-B or newer (compiler to build, kernel and stdlib to run)
 * GNU Make (might actually build with some other make as well)
 * Eunit (for testing)

To bulid the application simply run 'make'. This should build .beam, .app
files and documentation.

Configuration: (environment variables)
 * connection_timeout: The time (in milliseconds) the client will try to
                       kepp a HTTP/1.1 connection open. Changing this value
                       in runtime has no effect, this can however be done
                       through lhttpc_manager:update_connection_timeout/1.

There are some interesting make targets:
 * test - Will compile and run all tests (using eunit)
 * dialyzer - Will run dialyzer on the application
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