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We are using your add on "Natural Searcher for Jira" Since we moved to Data Center, can you tell me if there is a plan for this add on to set it DC Ready?

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  1. Jozef Kotlár

    We are in process of certification for Data Center. This activity will probably cause change to the paid model as we have to provide some means to protect users from improper usage.

    UPDATE: When text field is assigned exact searcher and has many distinct values (less then 10K is OK), then when used in two dimensional gadget, all distinct values are loaded by statistical collector to memory. This could cause both load on Jira instance and OutOfMemory exception.

    We consider to provide configuration screen or health check to search for such improper usage patterns.

  2. Radek Dostál

    Hi @Jozef Kotlár ,

    Do you have any cost estimates with regard to the paid model change for DC-certification?

    We are currently relying on the searcher for a setup, so would like to project some estimates upfront whether we can safely commit to the solution we have or whether we need to find alternative ways (if the business does not want to go ahead due to the cost).



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