system fields with = operator are searched wrongly

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Issue #4 resolved
Jozef Kotlár created an issue

You should use default search engines of all fields... not ~ and quotation marks defined by you... Now u can't filter for example status, because you are using ~ "" and status field doesn't support ~ operator....

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  1. Tom Stalmach


    Why the project field searches like this: Project = "\"projectname\"" ?

    It´s not correct. It should be like Project = "projectname"

    If you could use default fields search engines, your plugin would be the best.

    But working with this hard coded and not properly tested plugin is hard.

  2. Jozef Kotlár reporter

    Not sure what you mean as "default field search engines" - I think we are using default search capabilities.

    This issue is actually duplicate of #3. We are doing some overwork in creating JQL search - when the space is detected request is wrapped with "", this has historical reason, because other JQL creation was used in the first version. Now it could be perceived as bug. We will correct #3 in several days.

    Just to remind - this add-on is FREE and sources are available. We have released it because we perceived is useful for others. This bug would not appear, if we had not added support for system fields - as requested by reviewers.

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