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Paul Sexton  committed 7fcefaf

Fix incorrect type declaration.

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+	   #:window-foreground
+	   #:window-background
 (defmethod prepare-window ((win <Window>))
     ((window-framed? win)
-     (if (eql win (car *window-stack*))
+     (cond
+	 ((eql win (car *window-stack*))
 	  (window-console win) 0 0
 	  (window-width win) (window-height win) 
-	  t :set (or (window-title win) +NULL+))
-	 ;; else
+	  t :set (or (window-title win) +NULL+)))
+	 (t
 	  (window-console win) 0 0
 	  (window-width win) (window-height win) 
-	  t :set (or (window-title win) +NULL+)))
+	  t :set (or (window-title win) +NULL+))))
      (when (window-can-close? win)
        (console-set-char (window-console win) (1- (window-width win))
 			 0 (char-code #\X)))
-     (if (window-can-resize? win)
+     (when (window-can-resize? win)
 	 (console-set-char (window-console win) (1- (window-width win))
 			   (1- (window-height win)) 188)))
      (console-rect (window-console win) 0 0
 		   (window-width win) (window-height win) t :set)))
-  (if (window-draw-function win)
+  (when (window-draw-function win)
        (funcall (window-draw-function win) win))
-  (if (window-children win)
+  (when (window-children win)
       (dolist (child (window-children win))
 	(when (or (window-raise-children-with-parent? win)
 		  (not (window-hidden? child)))
 (defmethod share-map ((receiver <Viewport>) (giver <Viewport>) tlx tly)
   "Make RECEIVER look onto the same map console as GIVER. RECEIVER's viewport
 is initially positioned with top left corner TLX,TLY on the map console."
-  (if (map-console receiver)
+  (when (map-console receiver)
       (dolist (w *window-stack*)
 	(when (and (not (equal w receiver))
 		   (typep w '<Viewport>)
 ;;; 		  (font-file-rows +DEFAULT-FONT-FILE-ROWS+)
 ;;; 		  (font-file-background-colour
-  (declare ((integer 1) width height))
+  (declare (type (integer 1) width height))
   (if *dialog->colour-table*
       (clrhash *dialog->colour-table*)
       ;; else
 The loop runs until the global variable {defvar dormouse:*exit-gui?*} is non-nil.
 * See Also: "
-  (let ((k (make-key)) 
-	(rodent (make-mouse))
-	(last-rodent (make-mouse))
-	(topwin nil))
+  (let ((k (make-key))
+	    (rodent (make-mouse))
+	    (last-rodent (make-mouse))
+	    (topwin nil))
     (setf *exit-gui?* nil)
     ;; Main loop