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- main gui loop rewritten for compatibility with libtcod 1.5.1rc1.
- new window class: Meter-Window, draws one or more horizontal bar charts, the value of each of which is
obtained by calling a function.
- new window class: Simple-Prompt-Window. Modal window that prompts the user to enter a string, which is
then returned.
- can now specify default foreground and background colours for highlighted text, for each window (slots
window-highlight-foreground and window-highlight-background).
- windows can be set to automatically refresh themselves every X milliseconds (slot 'window-auto-redraw-time')
- draw-string-at takes an :align keyword argument.
- translate-negative-coordinates can translate coords for any window, not just the root console.
- when new windows are created, they can be given negative width or height -- this is interpreted as that amount
smaller than the root console (eg width -5 = 5 columns less than the root)
- when new windows are created, tlx and tly can be ':centred' -- in which case the window will be
positioned so that it is centred in the screen on the x or y axis.
- new macros: 'with-no-redraw', 'with-window-unchanged'
- gui-demo: minor changes for compatibility with new libtcod mouse input system.
- Updated docs.

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